Goat Meat

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Goat meat is lean and sweet with fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol than beef, chicken, or pork. It is high in protein and iron and one of the most widely consumed meats in the world.

Sara Agro Foods allows you to buy 100% grass-fed goat meat for happier animals, environmental friendliness, and superior taste. For recipe inspiration, view grass-fed goat meat ideas here.

Sara Agro Foods is one of the India driving meat and poultry retail brand. All items are protected, sterile and without infection. Sara Agro Foods has its own handling plant at Lucknow where wellbeing and sterile test are kept up with while taking care of creatures and without sickness.

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Goat Meat Products

Stew Meat
Ground Goat
Goat Bone-in
Goat Pick
Comparison Pack
Goat Meat Filling
Rib Chops
Loin Chops
Leg Shanks
Loin Roast
Loin Chops Thick